Climate & the energy transition

The challenges of climate change will inevitably demand a vast change in energy, transport and food systems. There are many innovative companies but here are a few that I find particularly interesting.


Energy represents over 70% of CO2 emissions. There is a vast energy transition underway because the single greatest impact on climate emissions is to transition to solar and wind, improve transmission and add vast amounts of storage.


Transport is responsible for around a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions. Everything will change as we transition to EV's, including batteries, charging, autonomy and other forms of transport.

Materials Science

Making steel & cement account for 10% of CO2 emissions, while energy in commercial buildings a further 6.6%. Lots of R&D into energy efficiency, materials science & waste.

Food & Agriculture

Agriculture & food are responsible for approximately 15% of CO2 emissions. We need less cows, more biology and smarter use of sensors, data and automation.