Cheaper. Cleaner. Better.

Climate change is without doubt the most pressing challenge of our time. The world needs to look very different if we are to remain inhabitants of it.

The science of climate is clear and by 2030 we need to have made spectacular progress reducing global CO2 emissions in every sector. This is the decade for action and there are many incredibly innovative and ambitious companies working on this problem.

Time is short but we have the solutions. This is my focus.


Industrial energy represents 24% of global emissions. The single greatest impact on climate emissions is to transition to renewable sources, improve transmission and add vast amounts of storage. It also happens to make great economic sense.


Energy in transport represents 16.2% of emissions, with road transport 11.9%, shipping 1.7% and aviation 1.9%.


Energy used in residential homes represents about 11% of all CO2 emissions, energy in commercial buildings about 6.6% and making steel & cement about 10%.

Food & Agriculture

Agriculture & food are approximately 15% of emissions. We need less cows.

Waste & Recycling