Australia's Energy Roadmaps

Australia has a wealth of expertise in Government and Universities. We know what needs to be done and have blueprints for how to get there.

Blueprint for the future security of the National Electricity Market

Start with the independent Finkle Report commissioned by the COAG Energy Council whose objective was to set out an energy blueprint to maintain security and reliability in light of rapid technological change and the transition to renewables.


  • Reward consumers for demand management and the power they generate through distributed energy resources.
  • Recommends a more strategic approach to transmission planning through developing an integrated grid plan.
  • Emissions intensity table (page 203) - Fossil fuels approx. 1 tonne per MWh vs renewables at zero.
  • Comparison of the levelised cost of electricity from different sources (page 201). Note that projected coast for large-scale solar was $91/MW/h ... and it's already below that.

AEMO Integrated System Plan

As recommended by the Finkle Review, this Independent Review by the Australian Energy Market Operator offers a Integrated System Plan to facilitate an orderly energy system transition under a range of scenarios based on sound engineering and least cost. By far the most comprehensive and analytical report to date, this is currently the default report that anyone interested in energy refers to.


Australia as a Renewable Energy Superpower

This report makes a compelling strategic argument that Australia’s fossil energy exports will decline as the world decarbonises, and Australia naturally possesses one of the best renewable energy resources in the world.


  • This renewable energy transition is a once-in-a-lifetime industrial opportunity with $28 trillion projected to be invested globally by 2035.
  • Growing oil imports are already offsetting the earnings from coal exports.
  • Energy demand in Asia is expected to grow 500% by 2050. Australia should export electricity through a 'Super-grid'
  • International trade of electricity was worth US$32.7 billion in 2014, where it is most developed in Europe through HVDC power cables (See page 36 & 37).

A plan to Repower Australia

This energy transition roadmap would benefit from a significant edit to focus on the essential components, costs and timing of actually getting it done. That said, they make a compelling case that it's 100% possible, the numbers add up, and it's now a question of when not if.

Electricity Network Transformation Roadmap

Energy Networks Final report including snapshot and summary.

CSIRO Low Emissions Roadmap

Australian's have long trusted the CSIRO. Here is their Low Emissions Technology Roadmap.

100% Renewable Grid

A discussion paper by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) and referencing ANU studies, they highlight the need for good long term planning of energy transmission.

University studies and papers